The Seven-Day Sleep Prescription by Aric Prather

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We need sleep to survive. It's as essential as food, water, and oxygen. Without it, our bodies begin to shut down. So why is something that should be natural, instinctual, and automatic so difficult?

Renowned sleep scientist, Dr Aric Prather, studies sleep for a living and the first - and most important - thing he'll tell you about it is that we're all unintentionally getting in the way of our own sleep. In this book, he shares his most powerful and sought-after solutions for achieving good quality, restorative sleep in just seven days, providing transformative antidotes for sleep like-

Stabilising your sleep cycle
Living your days so you can turn off at night
Overcoming the afternoon slump without sabotaging sleep tonight
Neutralising nighttime worry and rumination
Making time to wind down
Conditioning yourself to associate 'bed' with 'sleep'
Getting to sleep and staying asleep by building sleep pressure

Using simple, yet deeply effective techniques and tools, this book will help your body to lie back and let sleep work its magic. If you feel like you've tried everything with no success, The Seven-Day Sleep Prescription is for you - an accessible antidote for easing your body back into one of its most critical cycles- sleep.