The Ulysses Contract

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A must-read for all investors. Block out the news and hype around share market investing and develop a sensible, long-term, foolproof plan.

The term Ulysses contract is inspired by mythological hero Ulysses who, while sailing past an island inhabited by sirens, ordered his crew to block their ears with wax and tie him to the mast of the ship. Otherwise, the sirens bewitching song would entice them to steer the ship onto the rocks.

The Ulysses Contract uses this analogy to warn of the sirens that tempt investors to part with their money. Drawing on his own decades of investing and research into financial literature dating back hundreds of years, Michael Kemp shows how to put in place a successful investment plan that embodies discipline, consistency and patience.

Through masterful storytelling that expertly explains (and usually rejects) complex investment concepts, The Ulysses Contract demonstrates how remarkably easy it can be for anyone to develop into a capable and successful long-term investor.