Timelines of Nature: Discover the Secret Stories of Our Ever-Changing Natural World

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Explore the natural world through time

Discover the fascinating history of our planet with this unique collection of visual timelines.

First, the book looks back to the start of our world's existence; learn how many years it took the Moon to form and witness Earth's continents collide. Discover the history of Earth's most spectacular features - from the Grand Canyon to the Sahara desert. See how life evolved, from the first single-celled organisms to the extraordinary variety of creatures living today.

Then we look at life on Earth today. Every species on Earth has its own unique story - Timelines of Nature reveals these weird and wonderful life cycles through fascinating visual timelines. It tells you what's really happening on Earth each minute of every day. Ever wondered what the mayfly does with its short life? In this book, you'll find out how it lives as a nymph for two weeks, before flying out of the water for just a day in the sky as a mayfly. If you've ever thought about how a chimpanzee spends its day, how the rainforest changes over 24 hours, or how long a kangaroo's pregnancy lasts, then this is the book for you.

Full of exciting visual timelines covering minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, Timelines of Nature reveals our planet's natural history and its life cycles in an entirely new way.