Trust The Flames by Katie Delimon

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Katie Delimon’s debut memoir takes us on an unforgettable—and deeply relatable—adventure as she unabashedly shines a spotlight on all of her humanness including her shame, trauma, recovery, and ultimately, her spiritual awakening. Woven into Delimon’s journey of self-realization and healing is a remarkable love story of a twin flame journey, which just gets more incredible with each turn of the page! (Don't worry; you’ll learn exactly  what a “twin flame is” as you read on!) 

After experiencing life in the deep backwoods of West Virginia, the grimy brilliance of New York City, and the beautiful beaches of Australia, Delimon ultimately begins her search for serenity during a stint in South East Asia, where she’s robbed and left penniless, catapulting her desire to uncover calm out of chaos and mindfulness out of mindlessness. 

It’s a true story of transformation, generational trauma and parental loss; of finding solace and safety in the silence of ashrams; of love dying, but then ultimately wildly blooming in the deserts of Burning Man. Delimon is a phoenix rising from the ashes, a woman who burned through the layers of who she thought she should be, in order to find out who she truly was.