Unlocking the Power Within

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Unlocking The Power Within - The 7 Steps, explains how much power we have and what holds us back in life from acting on that power. As you read through each step you will understand how linked they are and how you can shift your mindset and break free of that cycle that causes so much pain and suffering in life. Whether you want to get that new job, have that relationship, break that addiction, it all stems down to our triggers in life, in relation to how we emotionally react to the world. When we stop reacting, we start living. You have the power to achieve anything in life, and everything else is an excuse. This book is about our true authentic self, the way we show up in the world and whom we are on this planet as an individual. I used to complain and make excuses all the time in life but no one wanted to hear it, so I emotionally ate to hide, suppress and deny who I was. The paradox is that I was avoiding my emotions through suppressing them with food and it was not possible to truly live life. I know that you will get something from this book, so enjoy it and share lovingly. Living in a paradox is exactly that, so change.