What on Earth Plants? : The Plants You Have Never Heard of!

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What is your favourite plant? A rose, a tulip or a fern? Or perhaps a carnivorous plant that catches rats, a skull-shaped flower or an electric blue begonia... or one of the 375,000 other plants of our world?

From the Darth Vader begonia, to the weird bat flower, parasitic Rhizanthes (the stuff of nightmares!), to snake fruit, iridescent-leaved plants that shimmer blue to the stained glass window plant, sensitive plants (whose leaves move) to greenhouse plants!

Read about ancient dragon’s blood trees, ghost pipes, living fossils, quiver trees, window plants, ice plants, the world’s tallest trees, the oldest plant on earth, gigantic Rafflesia and Amorphophallus blooms, stinky starfish flowers and durians, as well as the bizarre voodoo lily, and an astonishing rainbow of carnivorous plants that catch and eat insect as well as other small animals!

Discover the world’s most spectacular and amazing plants you have never heard of!