Zero Waste: 60 Recipes for a Waste-Free Kitchen by Cinzia Trenchi

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Food waste can really be reduced in the kitchen: it's important to keep in mind that even the parts of the ingredients we consider "waste" can sometimes be used, especially if they are edible and filled with nutrients. A book to learn how to save from grocery shopping to transform peels, leaves, crusts and pods into creative and tasty recipes. What is traditionally considered waste, here becomes a tasty recipe! The readers will learn how to use all the parts of the ingredients included in 60 tasty, easy and healthy recipes. A very trendy topic for cookery books: everyone can do their part in reducing waste, especially in the kitchen as it can become a very tasty meal! AUTHOR: Cinzia Trenchi is a naturopath, journalist and freelance photographer who specialises in food and wine. As well as collaborating on numerous recipes books she has also worked for several Italian magazines focusing on nutritious, regional, cuisines. She strives to create delicious recipes with interesting flavour combinations, whilst keeping in mind the importance of a balanced diet to general health and wellbeing. She lives in Monferrato in Piedmont where she uses the herbs and vegetables from her garden to inspire her booking. For White Star publishers she has published Gluten-Free Gourmet Recipes, Fat Free Gourmet Recipes, Chill Pepper- Moments of Spicy Passion, My Favourite Recipes and Smoothies & Juices Health and Energy in a Glass.