Put A Egg On It #13

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LUCKY No. 13! We explore the fabulous community that Florent Morellet formed around his eponymous Meat Packing District restaurant. In the front of the issue we check out the colourful restaurant's history, while in the back we join Florent in Bushwick, Brooklyn for a small plate party with old friends and new. Meanwhile, on a lovely Manhattan evening, painter Duncan Hannah, film maker and photographer Aliya Naumoff and New York City Ballet principle dancer Adrian Danchig-Waring gather for a few tongue loosening cocktails and conversation over arroz caldoso.

ALSO: Gregory Ayers tells us what he's learned about preparing meals for large groups through his experiences cooking at Radical Faerie gatherings while James Beard award winning writer John Birdsall ruminates on the power, beauty and importance of brown hands making our food and shaping our experiences.

This issue also features contributions from Ava Berlin, Maria Salom̩ Peyronnel, Linni Kral, Claudia Koch, Dingding Hu, Assa Ariyoshi, Damien Flor̩bert Cuypers and Ricardo Roa. The recipe theme this issue is  duh duh DUH  SHAME. Yes, it's what you think, but also, not. Don't hide your face while you take a bite.