The Cleaver Quarterly Issue 2

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Things you learn from issue two
What goes in a Hakka Turducken (hint: ginseng stuffed in a sparrow, stuffed in a pigeon, stuffed in a pullet, stuffed in a puppy, stuffed in a pig stomach). The appropriate chaser for a celebratory bowl of fresh pig's blood. How curdled yoghurt looks after a shepherd in Inner Mongolia dries it on the roof of his yurt. Kublai Khan's philosophy on vegetables. How to start a knife fight on a Tajik feast day. Where to get good African stew in Guangzhou. Which US state has the most Chinese restaurants per capita. An evolutionary theory to explain loempia, humongous Dutch-Chinese spring rolls.

Featured contributors
Fuchsia Dunlop, Fiona Reilly, Sue Zhou, Nick Jumara, Jessie Levene